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The 5th Nanocarbon Solution Fair

Open solutions for the development of all applications of nanocarbons. We aim to further accelerate the practical application of nanocarbons.

Co-organized by Nanotechnology Business Promotion Council (NBCI)

nanocellulose TECH Nanocellulose TECH

Cellulose nanofiber (CNF), a key material for recycling-oriented manufacturing, is a plant-derived next-generation material with excellent lightness, strength, and expansion resistance. It also has excellent recyclability, making it a key material for recycling-oriented manufacturing. In addition to sample exhibits featuring examples of actual practical applications and applications, as in the previous year, actual vehicles using cellulose nanofibers will be exhibited as examples of practical applications in automobiles and mobility: a Nano Cellulose Vehicle (NCV) from the Ministry of the Environment and an electric vehicle (EV) using CNF materials from Daio Paper Mfg. SAMURAI SPEED, an electric vehicle (EV) using CNF materials from Daio Paper Corporation, will be exhibited as examples of actual vehicles using cellulose nanofibers. Please pay attention to "nanocellulose TECH," which brings together manufacturing technologies, commercialization, and application examples that are indispensable for the realization of carbon neutrality.

Startup & Academia Poster Exhibit

The event is designed to bring the seeds of research ventures and R&D start-ups to the world, to realize the commercialization of academic research, and to connect the needs of the industrial world. Several ventures are exhibiting for the first time.

"Nanotechnology Accelerating Quantum Future Society" 

The latest initiatives for the realization of a quantum future society will be introduced, centered on the Quantum Innovation Hub (QIH) exhibit and in conjunction with a special symposium.

R&D DX Special Exhibition

Adjacent to the exhibition : New Functional Materials 2024 Joint Exhibition Zone

R&D DX is a solution that plays a major role in today's manufacturing industry, which requires innovation in short cycles. We develop various DX solutions that realize data-driven R&D and its advancement, such as Materials Informatics and AI simulation.

[Organizer & Center for Colloid and Dispersion Technology Special Session] Dispersion Process Solutions '24

The smaller the particle size of materials essential for high-end devices, the more likely they are to agglomerate, but nanotechnology has enabled uniform dispersion, drawing renewed attention to powder process technology. When developing highly competitive products such as semiconductors, rechargeable batteries, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, it is essential to have a trinity of technologies that include nanoparticulation of fine particles, milling, dispersion, and agitation to achieve this, as well as particle size and distribution measurement. At Dispersion Process Solution '24, these technologies and products will be gathered in one pavilion.

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